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>> no one dropped the ball except thereferees. the nfl clung to the belief the controversial ruling by its replacement refs should stand. and the president of the women's lingerie league said it got rid of some of those same
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referees because they just weren't good enough. you may hate them but the referees managed the impossible today getting two to agree on something. just how bad they are. >> it was the controversial call on monday night football that changed the outcome and content of conversations all across our nation today. gary nurenberg is here to narrate the developments. gary? >> reporter: derek, you don't want to spend the hundreds of dollars necessary to take your family to see the redskins so you go to a high school football game instead and you get what you pay for. high school quality football with high school quality referees making the call. >> the game's final play. >> reporter: if you've just been released from solitary confinement and haven't seen it, here's the last second hail mary in the green bay/seattle game monday night. watch the refs after the scramble. one says touchdown. the other says touch back, the defense got it, green bay wins. they went with offense, seattle
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wins. watch 81, seattle, push his player out of the way. interference not called. apparently didn't catch the ball. refs rule he did. seattle wins. the nfl puts out a statement, yep, seattle wins. the ref who made the call had only refed games at the high school and junior college level. bipartisan vote the refs out. >> settle this and get our refs back. >> it is time to get the real refs. >> er: reportyou think? watch the refs hat trips a player. another ref is tricked by a coach to permit an extra challenge and a coach actually grabs a ref in anger. the diplomatic green bay head coach. >> it's a different year. there's no question about it. >> reporter: green bay's quarterback. >> it's all full. that's -- awful. that's all i'm going to say. >> reporter: why are high school referees -- the whole
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brouhaha against the refs and the necessarily back to the table to do the negotiating. guess what? no agreement. >> we're still waiting for the deal. meantime there is a lot to talk about. later on tonight, let's be real. h why is it guys who own our favorite game don't really care how much we complain about the refs. plus, in sports the nfl says the replacement refs are doing a fine job, but redskins coach kyle shanahan not so much. tonight he is facing the music. a violent and tragic discovery in herndon has a community and detectives perplexed tonight. investigators say an entire family was found dead inside their home. believing this case to be a murder/suicide. our ken molestina is live where police are still gathering clues. >> reporter: still no rhyme or reason for what police say they found here. take a look behind me. you can see investigators still here at the scene of the grew
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some find -- gruesome find. those who knew the family are asking the same question, why? one by one late in the evening, detectives removed the bodies of the family found dead inside their home on the 13,000 block of herndon. investigators say they discovered the bodies of a man and his wife, along with their two sons shortly after noon. it was believed this was the result of a murder/suicide. >> shocking to take your other family members, especially the children. it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: fairfax poce are staying tight-lipped about the circumstances surrounding the case. they did say they were alerted to the family after the husband's and wife's employers called to say they haven' shown up to work. neighbors said they saw them last sometime on sunday. >> in their baseball uniforms. >> in the uniforms out here practicing throwing the baseball. that's the last time i remember seeing them. >> repoer: the family is described by neighbors as outgoing, friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand. friends tell us one of the sons was a sophomore at nearby westfield high school. the other was an 8th grader at
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rachel carson middle. those who knew them say there was never any sign of trouble inside the home. >> they always would help the neighbors and things like that, just very nice people all the time, you know, wave to you. hi, how are you doing? i always waved to him as i'm coming home from work every day. >> friends and loved ones are left trying to make sense of the grew some find that has -- gruesome find that has them all perplexed. >> they were always nice. nobody ever said in the neighborhood they've ever seen them fighting or arguing or anything like that. >> reporter: another live look now what police investigators who are here on the scene, they said they're going to be here overnight into the morning, probably for the next 24 hours still combing through the house looking for more clues in the disturbing find they made here. the four bodies have been taken to a medical examiner's office where an autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of death. i want to let you know something. through talking to some of the neighbors here and some of the friends, we have been able to identify the names of this
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family. however, police have not confirmed those names. they say they are still in the process of notifying next of kin. until that is complete, we will not release those names. for now we're live in herndon, ken molestina, 9 news now. this man is accused of lying about his age and sleeping with a 14-year-old girl. police are worried there may be more victims. kirk yancey is a special police officer at washington hospital center. in august he met a girl online and posed as a 17-year-old boy. they met, had sex and afterwards, he told her he was 24. they decided to meet again, and that's when he was arrested. turns out yancey is really 34 years old. police are asking anyone with a similar experience to contact them. president obama and republican presidential challenger mitt romney spent their day in new york city. president obama addressing the united nations, urging fellow leaders to take a stand against the violence in the muslim world. he condemned the antiislam film
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that sparked the protest overseas but said nothing justifies mindless violence. the president also had a message for iran and its nuclear program. >> make no mistake. a nuclear armed iran is not a challenge that could be contained. it would threaten the nation of israel, the security of gulf nations and the stability of the global economy. >> and after the president's u.n. address he headed cross town to speak to former president bill clinton's gathering of global leaders and that is where mitt romney had begun his day. romney took a political jab at president obama in his speech implying that he's not done enough to confront foreign policy challenges in libya,egypt and iran. during a stop in ohio, romney said his administration would not characterize middle east unrest as a bump in the road. >> we have a president who takes this serious and gets america on trap to shape world affairs. >> both romney and president obama will be campaigning in ohio tomorrow. a new washington post poll of likely voters shows the
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president leading romney in the buckeye state 52-44%. with the raising of a flag, charles county, maryland, makes history while honoring the sacrifices of brave soldiers. during a somber ceremony under a bright blue sky, charles county became the first in the state to fly the p.o.w./m.i.a. flag all year around. it honors among other 1,700 soldiers missing, one of them from charles county. his family was at today's ceremony as were members of the group rolling thunder. >> someone once said that dying for my country isn't the worsething that can happen. being forgotten is. >> the p.o.w./m.i.a. flag will fly year around outside the charles county government building in la plada. tomorrow members of pepco electrical union will vote on whether or not to accept the contract proposal from the utility. if they vote to go on strike, a
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pepco spokeswoman assures all of us that customers won't actually notice anything. they say there shouldn't be any disruption of service or repairs. the company has contractors on standby in case a storm comes through. the strike surrounds wage, benefits and other issues. turns out students at uva have quite a reputation and tonight playboy is giving themprops. you ever wonder what your kitty does all day long? see what happens when cats wear kitty cams. you might be surprised how they fill up all that time. high mperature today 76. a beautiful day. here's your wakeup weather. you're going to need your umbrella and your sunglasses. i know it sounds kind of weird. 56 and 64 at 5:00. 54 to 64 at 7:00. maybe a shower or thunderstorm early. then returning partly cloudy by 9:00. 62 to about 72. we'll come back and talk about an increased threat of thunderstorms, a look ahead to the end of the week and the weekend.
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in tonight's health alert, a 3d cancer spotter. today experts put the technology on display right near the capital. a 3-d mammogram buzz touring the nation stopped on capitol hill to show off what's touted
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as the most important step forward in breast cancer detection in 30 years. the technology was approved by the fad a year ago -- fda a year ago. in our area radiology offers it to women at an extra cost because it is not yet covered by insurance. >> members of congress and their staff have shown great interest and witnessed the technology by coming to the van and speaking with both representatives and physicians who currently are cruising the technology. >> 3-d mammograms are often recommended for women with dense breast tissue because they cut down on the number of false positives. i happen to be one of those women. the last time i went for a mammogram they said you're going to want to cough up the extra $50 and go for the 3-d screening test. just happened. >> was it worth it? >> i think so. when you have dense or fibrous breast tissue, it's harder for the radiologist to tell what could be dangerous. so you get that dreaded phone call or letter that says
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there's something we need to check, again. waiting for those second results can feel like an eternity. while it's better to be safe than sorry, having a more accurate test that can give you another dimension it offers peace of mind. >> at least it did for me. >> that's worth a lot before yes, it is. it is after 11:00 p.m. do you know where your cat is? better yet, what's your feline been up to all day. our peggy fox hooks up with a researcher whose goal is to track cats' wandering ways using kitty cams. >> don't freak out, little man. >> reporter: amy watts has three cats who roam outdoors. she thought she knew them. now she knows them better than she cares to. >> i knew his favorite place to go is down in the storm sewer. and now i know what it looks like. >> reporter: she knows that because researcher carrie ann lloyd recruited booker t. for a project to expose the secret lives of outdoor house cats. when lloyd equipped the cat
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with a camera the cat obliged with an infrared tour of the neighborhood storm sewer. >> it's kind of frightening. i wish he would never go down there again. >> reporter: as part of her project, lloyd gathered more than 2,000 hours of kitty cam footage, much of it framed on top by the animal's fuzzy chin and whiskers. they stalk their neighbor's chickens. they camp out under cars. they ascended the roofs of their neighbors' homes. they had unnerving nighttime encounters with woodland creatures. and they stalked prey. lloyd says her cameras documented dozens of encounters between cats and slower moving critters. oftentimes resulting in the cat cheerfully relocating its hapless victim. >> most of them left the prey. they would play with it for a minute and then leave it close to the site of capture rather than bring it home as a gift for the owner. >> reporter: lloyd says the research has a point, to show cat owners what their cats
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really do outdoors and to strongly suggest that indoor cats lead less perilous lives. >> we were surprised to see 85% of the cats expressed at least one risky behavior over one week. >> reporter: the cameras told stories, and in the case of archie, a striped tabby, it exposed a double life beyond amy watts' property line. >> got a whole other family. >> they held open the door for him, and he walked in. and then he just hung out in their house. i feel like one of those women on the talk show, you know. my husband has two wives. my cat has two families. >> reporter: peggy fox, 9 news now. >> man, i had no idea cats were having so much fun. by the way, most folks think birds or myself are the most common prey of cats but dr. lloyd says her research shows among cats that hunt, reptiles were their favorite catch. i think you may have seen that lizard in the cat's mouth in that film here. this next story will have
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parents cringing and some students saying, cheers. bottom's up. playboy named the university of virginia the number one party school in the nation. turns out students are doing a lot more than studying. this was ranked on night life, love of sports, sex, so how is the school handling the new title? school officials say they prefer uva be known for its academic achievements, which is exactly what you would expect them to say. >> i'm sure we would all prefer a lot of things. >> right. >> in the old days, uvm, vermont, and university of arizona. >> let me tell you, a lot of my friends went to uva and it was known even way back then as a party school. this is not new. >> this is not new. >> for the wahoo nation. we've got a cold front on the map and a chance for thunderstorms tomorrow. look at this. looks like snow, but it's not. it's foam in aberdeen, scotland, off the north sea. they had 70 miles per hour winds and it whipped up air and
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whipped up water and it also whipped up organic matter. i don't know what that is, but the organic matter and the air in the water created this. it was a foot thick in some spots. the storm itself downed trees and had 70 miles per hour winds. kind of crazy. i bet it doesn't smell too hot, either. let's take a live look outside. it is our michael and son weather cam. high 76. down to 69. dew points have come up, now in the 50s. we've got the south/southwest wind. clouds in place, moisture coming our way. the atmosphere is getting a little more saturated. satellite picture radar combined, big thunderstorm through missouri. back into southern illinois. notice the frontal boundary is kind of or orienting itself this way. the front will move eastward and then sag and have an east/west orientation. it's going to play cat and mouse with us, so to speak, on thursday and friday. also it will give us a little better chance for thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. latest computer guide models are a little more emphatic on
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thunderstorms and a little more instability. temperatures in the 60s. 64 in leesburg, manassas and 66 in gaithersburg. not nearly as chilly as it has been the past couple of nights. here's a look at the futurecast. in the morning, 6:30, there could be a couple of showers around, just enough to wet the roads, but nothing heavy. then we see that we go back to sunshine by, you know, 11:00 a.m.,12:00, 1:00, as clouds come back from the north. couple of showers possible. then this is kind of new. this is since we last saw you. developing a pretty good line of showers and thunderstorms through parts of fairfax county, montgomery county. can't promise you they're going to be right here, but that said between the fact that the atmosphere is more unstable, it seems likely this scenario will happen now. look for storms tomorrow evening, hopefully after the rush hour between about 7:30 and 8:30. then they race eastward into del mar. the problem is we don't clear out after that because of the front it will not go south of us. so umbrella for the bus stop, probably not a bad idea.
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you'll need your sunglasses, too, though. much warmer on wednesday. a touch of summer. afternoon showers and thunderstorms. then unsettled on thursday. the frontal boundary will not leave us alone on thursday. the next three days, we'll keep it code green tomorrow. 83, shower in the morning, thunderstorm in the afternoon and evening. and a few showers on thursday, 75. maybe an isolated thunderstorm. better chance south of town. good news for the ravens. ravens play thursday night with temps in the 60s. a few showers on friday, temps in the mid-70s. the next seven days, the frontal boundary is still nearby. showers possible on saturday but not enough to change your plans. again on sunday, but not enough to change your plans. low 70s and lots of sunshine on tuesday. low 70s. nice. >> i like it when you say nice. vote of confidence. what's a measure of how much america loves the nfl that a blown call in a football game is all anybody is talking about around water coolers everywhere. but derek says it's also a
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measure of what we fans have let the sport we love get away with. >> first of all, anita, how did the control freaks over at the nfl ever let this happen? these are the folks who said you can celebrate in the end zone, but not too much. they fine players who let their jersey shirt tails pop up or their socks slide down to the ankles. a decade ago the nfl actually managed to take a hit series off the air, all to protect their product. so how can it possibly make any sense to let the product deteriorate at the hands of amateur hour referees who don't know what they're doing? because football is not really what the nfl is selling. it's only the vehicle to get your eyeballs glued to that tv set. and that, that's what makes for all the big ratings and the billions of dollars that come with them. and despite that monday night fiasco and everything else that's gone wrong with these replacement refs, your eyeballs aren't going anywhere. right? in fact, i might argue now the
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ratings might go up a bit as everybody tunes in to see what those hapless substitute refs will do next. people might call the team owners arrogant but what they really are is big business who are going to do exactly what's right for them. unless, of course, we fans decide that what's right for us is finding something else to do on sunday afternoon. so you go first. i'm right behind you. anita? >> he is so not turning the channel. >> no way. >> this is getting to the coaches, too. >> it heats home now -- hits home now. it's a day off for the redskins. i've got a chore for offensive coordinator kyle shanahan. go to the bank and make a withdrawal. you'll need it. the nfl office requires payment from you for your actions. and another philly beat down. atlanta's in trouble, too. it's a magic number update coming up next.
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a phrase you often hear when covering a mike shanahan press conference. you've got to keep your poise. oftentimes he's talking about his players. he might want to lecture his son. the nfl told players and coaches lay off the referees.
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kyle didn't on sunday. he's paying the price. the younger shanahan fined $25,000 bills for his behavior at the end of sunday's loss when he ran down a referee and berated the guy. kyle admitted he lost his composure. now his pocket is a little bit lighter. $25,000. wow. skins get some running back help today, signing ryan grant. grant rushed for almost 1,300 yards in 2009 but injuries have limited him the past two seasons. the redskins are banged up at r.b. roy helu, evan royster has a sprained knee. here's hoping the phillies don't sneak into the playoffs. they are the nats kryptonite. five out of the last six times they met, phillies win. magic numbers are on the line now. for washington the lucky number is five. is philly unlucky city. every city is lucky for ryan zimmerman. he is the man. z-pack power activated. look at bryce harper. every day he's hustling.
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that's the 94th rbi of the season. carlos ruiz by the power invested by me by the state of philly town i pronounce you gone. they fall 6-3. >> i thought we had a good chance, but you know, they shut us down opinion we've just got to win tomorrow. it's, you know, we lost a battle today. we've got to win a battle tomorrow if we want to went war. >> we had a good chance to win that game and i put us in a bad situation. and you know, that loss is expleetly on -- completely on me there. >> i tell you what, those phillies just wouldn't cooperate. ninth inning, they're down one. freddie freeman says give me life. give atlanta life. walk-off home run. the braves win 4-3. the nats magic number remains at 5. the earliest they can clinch the decision is friday in st. louis. orioles magic number to make the playoffs is six. a lot of stuff on magic numbers tonight. a denny, the magic stick.
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orioles 4-0. a's and angels still playing so their magic number remains the same. while the n.h.l. is locked out, he's going to switzerland with two others who will play overseas during the lockout. finally we've got great high school games coming up this week. just go to usatodayhigh schoolsports dc to vote. >> maybe we should skip one nfl game. >> don't go to the park, nothing. >> skip a week. >> game on. >> game on. >> we'll be right back.
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we don't know how serious to take this. i think we could, especially when the redskins have a by week. and i could skip a week easy. >> that's 9 news for tonight. thank you for staying up with us. don't skip our show. >> you know, that would be bad. don't even skip one night. >> good night.
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